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    Waterfront Dining on Harbor Island
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    Where Cali Meets Baja
  • Cali-Baja cuisine
    Bold Flavors from Both sides of the Border
Cali-Baja Cuisine
The Best of the San Diego Drinking and Dining Scene

At Rumorosa, experience the vibrant essence of San Diego's culinary and bar scene. Indulge in reimagined classics, perfectly paired with inventive and authentic Baja delights such as aguachiles, tortas, and tacos. Our lobby bar comes alive with the lively spirit of Mexico, offering a selection of fresh Mexican wines and carefully curated agave spirits, adding a touch of vibrancy to your dining experience.

Enhance Your Senses
  • Music
    Sensory Music
    Reflecting the spirit of the enchanting La Rumorosa's winding mountainous path, our soundtrack is a diverse and fresh blend of music, setting the perfect mood without being overwhelming. By day, you'll enjoy a lighter, more laid-back accompaniment, complete with cheerful guitar riffs, lo-fi tunes, and the occasional island-inspired groove - all wrapped in sun-soaked, vacation-inspired vibes. As the evening sets in, the music takes on a bolder tone with groovy basslines and a lively beat that amps up the energy, creating the perfect ambiance for your night out.
  • Enhance Your Senses
    Sensory Lighting
    Throughout the day, our dining room bathes in the gentle embrace of natural light, casting a soft, dappled illumination through our beautiful textiles, decorative screens, and lush greenery. As the evening descends, the ambiance transforms, with the warm radiance of our inviting fire feature and the enchanting illuminated trees taking center stage, complemented by the soft, ambient glow emanating from our hanging light fixtures.
More Than Just a Name
More Than Just a Name

Derived from the dynamic Spanish phrase, meaning akin to boisterous, the name takes direct inspiration from the winding, mountainous route that leads from the inland desert to the captivating Baja coast. This concept beckons guests to embark on a similar voyage of exploration and fascination, firmly anchoring them in their reverence for San Diego.


Brunch at Rumorosa

Join us for Cali Baja Brunch every Sunday at Rumorosa from 8:00 AM - 1:30 PM.